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Classes at Laurel Oak Country Club will resume in March 2021

8 sessions that run Monday- Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long. Friday will be used as a make up day in case a lesson is canceled due to storms.

2-3 students per class, $180 per Student

One-on-One session, $360 per Student

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*Refresher Fridays for returning students only- $30 for a 30 minute one on one session. Text 400-8999 with location preference week of to book.  

Session at your pool- Available All YEAR!

Taught by Red Cross aquatics instructor Jackie Izzo or Linda Bruno

2-3 students per class, $350 per student

One-on One sessions, $450 per student

Pool must be heated to at least 84 degrees.

*$40 Surcharge added for travel outside of Sarasota (North of University Parkway, Bradenton or South of Jacaranda Blvd, Venice)

Now taking Bookings for lessons at your pool to register contact Liz by email or phone: [email protected] (941) 400-8999

Sarasota Swimming Lessons Attendance and Fee Policy

1. Register at the link above with a $60 non refundable deposit plus processing fee. Payment balance due in full on first day of lessons by cash.

2. We will call or text you if there are storms in the area and a lesson must be cancelled. If you do not hear from us, the lesson will take place. We still teach in rain and wind, never during thunder and/or lightning.

3. If we are 15 minutes into a lesson and have to get out due to thunder and/or lightning the lesson will not be made up. If the lesson is called off under 15 minutes into the lesson, a makeup lesson will be offered.

4. There are no makeup lessons except for rain days or instructor canceled lessons. Friday is our makeup day and the makeup lesson will be held at the same time of day as your daily lesson. Credit or makeup lessons will not be given in the event of child sickness, no-show or lateness. We will give makeup lessons in the event of cancellation due to instructor illness, weather, pool closures, etc.

5. At Ms. Liz's house, there is a bathroom and changing table for your use before, after and during the lessons. Please encourage your child to use the potty before each lesson. Your lesson will begin in the safety area promptly at your scheduled time. If your child needs to change, apply sunscreen and/or use the bathroom please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for that.

6. You are welcome to sit and watch the lessons take place or leave to run an errand, make a phone call, etc. If you leave we do ask that you come back 5 minutes before the end of your child’s lesson so you can see what they learned. In some cases, we may have to ask the parent/caregiver to leave the pool area if the child is focused on them and not their swim instructor. If that is the case, our instructors will discuss it with you.