"I simply can't say enough good things about Liz and her methods for teaching swimming! Our daughter has mild cerebral palsy and other special medical needs, and Liz listened carefully to my explanations and concern and worked wonderfully to meet our daughter's unique needs. She developed an instant rapport and trust with our daughter, which was incredibly important for real learning to occur. I was most impressed with Liz's patience and flexibility. When faced with resistance or defiance, Liz remained ever-patient and calm and was a master at redirecting smoothly in a way that interested and calmed our daughter. Liz made learning fun and easy, and we were thoroughly impressed with how rapidly our daughter progressed. We would (and do!) highly recommend her swimming lessons to anyone who is looking for a phenomenal instructor."

Dawn - Sarasota, FL

Jody - Bradenton, FL

"We highly recommend instruction with Liz Noonan. Our son (5 years old) took 8 lessons, the Red Cross pre-school level 2, and went from being scared to take off his life preserver to swimming across the pool on his own. The Red Cross curriculum, which includes safety instruction, floating, different strokes, and getting in and out of the pool safely, is excellent. So is Liz’s patient but very clear instruction. Best of all, with Liz’s encouragement our son developed a level of confidence and motivation in swimming that is a great joy to see."

Robyn - Bradenton, FL

"Liz did an exceptional job teaching my 4 and 2 year old how to swim. Prior to starting I was worried about my 4 year old daughter because she was a little timid of the water, but Liz did a great job of building her confidence and by the end of the 2 weeks she was swimming from one end of the pool to the other with little help and swimming down to the bottom of the pool to pick up toys. I was very impressed with how quickly Liz was able to teach her, she kept her attention the whole time and made it fun. My 2 year old son was a little more difficult but Liz was very patient with him and she was able to build his trust in no time. Liz made learning to swim so much fun for my kids that they continue to ask me when they can go back. Thanks Liz! You truly have a gift of teaching and patience."

Denise - Sarasota, FL

"Hayley learned new strokes and kicks and had an absolute blast in the water! She asked me daily if "today" was swim lesson day! Liz does a fantastic job of teaching the kids in a way that feels like fun and not work to them! Thanks so much!"

Sara - Lakewood Ranch, FL

"Ms. Liz was amazing! She taught our daughter Cadey the right skills to be a great swimmer and most of all, the confidence to believe she can swim like the mermaids! Thank you Ms. Liz!"

Kimberly - Sarasota, FL

"Prior to lessons with Ms. Liz, my three-year-old daughter loved being in the water but always had to wear "swimmies." After two weeks of lessons with Ms. Liz, she is "swimmie"-free and confidently swimming on her own. She can now swim under water and safely make it to the side of the pool or the steps. My husband and I were amazed at how much she progressed in only two weeks! We feel so much safer with her around the water now. Also, Ms. Liz definitely has a knack for dealing with kids. She knows exactly how to keep kids entertained and interested while they're learning valuable skills."